Mindfulness-based training and keynotes helping college students, organizations & CEOs to learn, integrate, and master the art of focus, resiliency, stress-reduction and productivity through proven mind-body techniques.



"I recently had the pleasure of hosting Allan and attending his workshops at our National Wellness Conference. He is a very engaging, humorous, relatable and skillful speaker, and he gave our audience fantastic, actionable steps to improve their wellbeing. The feedback from the participants has been overwhelmingly positive and we are excited to

have him back next time!"

—  Matthew Faubert,

Assistant Deputy Chief Probation Officer, Eastern District of CA


From the boardroom to the classroom, these workshops use mindfulness as a guide to focus and expand upon such topics as stress reduction, the importance of paying attention, and leadership, all tailored to fit your needs.


Keynotes are an engaging way to introduce mindfulness to groups large and small. These talks are always engaging, informative and experiential and can be customized depending on your audience.


These trainings are uniquely designed for companies, executives, schools and individuals looking to transform their work and lives through learning, integrating, mindfulness in an effective and meaningful way.

Guided Online Meditations

Maybe you can't take your company on a retreat, but you can bring a retreat to your company! Gather your team and bring mindfulness to you with an online meditation session today. All you need is a computer or handheld device.

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About Allan

Allan is a mindfulness facilitator, speaker and trainer serving executives, organizations, schools and individuals to cultivate personal wholeness, balance, health and well-being. With his grounded presence and unique humor, Allan draws upon diverse influences in ancient wisdom and modern science to share with others the life-long art of living with a clear mind and an open heart. 


Allan has over a decade of experience in the field of mind-body health. He has trained extensively in meditation, yoga, and other healing arts, and is also fluent in Spanish. His passion for the power of the mind-body connection has inspired him to share them with others.


Allan has gone all over the country to teach students and professionals how they can use these techniques to benefit their lives. Allan is based in the small town of Ojai, Ca with his wife Luna.

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