My Story

I am deeply grateful for the life that has been indebted to me.  I rise each morning eyes wide and heart filled knowing  another day awaits to dance with me again. Taking my seat, I greet it all with an inner-smile and begin with the practice that has come to shape the landscape of my life.

It wasn't always this way though. I remember days not so far away where the first thoughts to welcome my waking mind were fraught with worry, anxiety, fret and fear. Like so many, I trudged through life, weighed down by nervous stress and lost in thoughts of past and future. These were mainstays in the makeup of my day-to-day before I sincerely began to practice mindfulness - not only with eyes closed and quiet, but as a way of being.

After graduating from college where I specialized in entrepreneurial business and received a double minor in Latin-American studies and Spanish, I was prepared to not only meet the world, but to truly meet myself. I attended my first formal meditation retreat where I sat in silence for ten days doing just that.

The insight, enrichment and inspiration from that retreat and years of prior practice propelled me to not only attend more retreats and undergo other trainings, but to reach out into world and help companies, organizations, schools and individuals integrate and benefit  from mindfulness just as I have. 

Nowadays, after closing my own practice, I rise again - this time to guide others in creating, encouraging and supporting well-being from the boardroom to the classroom using the invaluable tool of mindfulness. 


Are you ready to start living wisely?

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